Tok Essay Editing Service

How does the editing service work?
Step 1. Email your essay as word attachment file   
Step 2. Get a reply message containing the payment options. 
Step 3. Pay with PayPal. 
Step 4. You will get your edited essay in few days. 

How complete must the essay be before I can email it for editing?
We would recommend 800 words, but we can edit any essay. If your essay is very short, and requires considerable editing, we will contact you with a special offer. 
How do I pay for the service?
After we get your essay, you will receive an email that contains a links for payment options. Click the link and use PayPal to pay for the editing.
 How long does it take before I get my edited essay?
We start to work on your essay after you have paid. We try to get back to you the same day if possible. Depending on the service the maximum days it takes for us to edit your essay are listed below.  
What different services do you have?
GRADE UP - 5 day service. 24.50 Euro
Correct formatting, referencing, bibliography. 
GRADE UP+ EXPRESS - 3 day service. 74.50 Euro Correct formatting, introduction, conclusion, referencing, improved bibliography. 
Can I get started now? 
Yes. Email your essay as word attachment file and you will get a reply message containing the payment options. After paying you will received your edited essay in few days. 
Does my information remain confidential?
Yes, we will keep everything confidential. 
Is this plagiarism?
No, we are improving your original work. 
Can I get refund?
Yes, if we cannot edit your essay. 
How do I know you are any good?
We only edit TOK essays unlike other essay services. Our editors have extensive experience in TOK and your grade will improve. Read what the students say about us.