What do student think about TOK essay support?

"I did not know how to write a TOK essay. My teacher was new and could not help me. Your essay templates were helpful, and you answered my questions on Facebook. Thank you!" 
--- Juli

"I did not know how to add ways of knowing and areas of knowledge to my essay. You guys really helped me." 
--- Anna

"I really struggled to understand the idea of 'knowledge issues'. I posted a question on your Facebook page and got a really clear answer within an hour." 
--- Keiko

"I emailed my essay to your editing service and paid 24.50 Euros. I was expecting to get my essay back in five days. Got it back the same day. That was like wow." 
--- Alex

"Honest, I was going to fail TOK. My teacher was useless. Your editing service made all the difference. A big thanks for that!"
--- Cindy